Ch. 19 – Point


POV – Frodo

In which dragons battle, much is said, a bit less is done, and Frodo ponders what might have been.


It takes a great deal of effort to ensure that nothing happens.

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Ch. 18 – Moot


POV – Frodo

In which the Free Folk face their dragons.


Bilbo is tired of trying to reason with you people…

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Ch. 13 – Tell


POV – Bilbo

In which Bilbo tells stories of the past, the Shire’s and his own, listens to the tales of others, and refuses to be told what to do.


This chapter is mostly a large invention of Shire history, personal and political. Without quite knowing it, Bilbo puts his finger on what is truly happening around them.

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Ch. 7 – Baggage


POV – Frodo

In which we get immersed in Baggins clan business and its multi-generational baggage.


Two major scenes of Frodo learning about his kin and their intertwined pasts, which makes him think of the complex ways he can fit in to this mix. This is more pondering on why Bilbo doesn’t get along with his relatives but Frodo is on friendly terms with everyone except the SBs. I also take some time here to build out Otho as a character. “It’s a start.”

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Lobelia had some reasons to be as angry as she is. It’s all so unfair.


A short one-chapter story providing some backstory to the big revelation in the first chapter of Lithe.

I’ve always been interested in the character of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. Tolkien has a bad habit of treating his female hobbit characters as nags and scolds. Lobelia in particular gets to be the butt of a great deal of malicious “humor”, yet, at the end of the story, we see her be brave in a way most male hobbits can’t manage, when she attacks a ruffian armed only with her umbrella.

So, who is this formidable woman?