Ch. 9 – Forgive


POV – Bilbo

In which relatives arrive, old wrongs are unearthed, new problems arise, and most are in need of forgiveness.


Bilbo has been brooding about the wrongs done to Frodo for months and the Buckland contingent just rolled into town. This is not going to end well.

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And with a new month, comes a new story – Lithe.

Lithe is completely new, never published anywhere before. I had always planned to write it but got crushed under the burden of Hands of the King, as well as tiring of the fandom. In late 2014, my hobbit muse returned and this was the result.

I did a little writing experimentation with it, opening most chapters with letters from others to either Bilbo or Frodo to introduce information and exchanges that did not fit well into the narrative. Read the letters carefully – there’s a lot packed into them.

I’m going to use the convention I did with HotK and tag the chapters with the name of the character’s POV and all speaking parts. I’m still working out how best to present the genealogical information. If you thought HotK was bad…


Ch. 15 – Deceit


POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which Bilbo considers the Ring, Esmie considers fidelity, Odogar considers revolt, Tom considers kisses, Mac considers Sara, and Frodo considers breathing.


Mix alcohol, late hours and unresolved conflicts together, and fireworks will happen.

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