Ch. 80 – Exiles

Exiles – Finduilas POV – 2 of 2

In which Finduilas ponders those who are sundered from that which they most desire.


It is becoming clear that accidents … aren’t.

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Ch. 75 – Get

Get – Finduilas POV – 3 of 4

In which the Warden gets testy, the Monster gets her way, the Quartermaster gets an ultimatum, the Prince gets a new grandchild, and the Steward gets what he wants.


And all of the children running around. I think I need to put together another appendix chapter and list out who all has been born, and to whom, in the Steward’s line. It’s a lot.

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Ch. 67 – Used

Used – Denethor POV – 1 of 1

In which Denethor considers how to make use of surveys, purges, weddings, soldiers, spies, mercenaries, kin, and, most of all, peace.


He’d prefer not to think of all the beings making use of him and Finduilas. He really does not want to think about who may be making use of a certain sister.

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Ch. 59 – Exchange

Exchange – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor must enter into a number of exchanges to get what he needs – words, thoughts, lessons, promises, kisses, vows, blows and confessions. Some given, some taken, all have their price.


Halmir and Beregar should compare notes on how to deal with irritating headstrong relatives. Or they should just observe Brandir. When the Fool decides to stop fooling around, even Denethor steps lightly.

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Ch. 39 – Change

Change – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor begins to understand that nothing will be the same.


Slowly, Denethor gets used to the idea that his place is in the City and not out on the front lines. He’s not particularly happy about it, but having Finduilas makes it easier. Sometimes. If he could only See her.

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