Black Wing

Black Wing – Multiple POVs.

What if Denethor had not died on the pyre?

If I were to write a Denethor Lives AU, it would start like this.

A New Year’s present for my wonderful readers.



Ch. 81 – King

King – Denethor POV – 1 of 2

In which Denethor attends a festival, digs holes, begs forgiveness, confronts a mystery, receives a gift, discharges a debt, searches for things lost, and learns more than he really wanted to know.


Denethor completes his first year of rule, and is angry that everyone still longs for Thorongil.  Especially himself.

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Ch. 79 – Queen

Queen – Finduilas POV – 1 of 2

In which the queen chastises three of her faithful stewards and takes up again the contest with Beruthiel.


The force of the past no longer can be held in check, and Finduilas struggles not to drown in the deluge.

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Ch. 64 – Forgive

Forgive – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor tries to figure out if he loves the right thing.


This is a quieter chapter than the previous few. The shock of Umbar and Thorongil’s departure are receding, while civil war has been averted. It answers the question of what is in the last letter Thorongil sent to Denethor. It also puts in place a layer in Denethor’s psychological foundation to create the person we meet in LotR. Both Laanga and the mariner have tried to warn him, but Denethor refuses to hear.

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Ch. 59 – Exchange

Exchange – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor must enter into a number of exchanges to get what he needs – words, thoughts, lessons, promises, kisses, vows, blows and confessions. Some given, some taken, all have their price.


Halmir and Beregar should compare notes on how to deal with irritating headstrong relatives. Or they should just observe Brandir. When the Fool decides to stop fooling around, even Denethor steps lightly.

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Ch. 58 – Unsaid

Unsaid – Denethor POV – 1 of 2

In which we observe a day in Denethor’s life, and what he finds unspeakable.


What is the price for keeping your silence? What are the uses of words unspoken? How do fear and hope conspire to make us keep thoughts to ourselves? If only Denethor had spoken, or Thorongil held his tongue…
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