Ch. 82 – Vinitharya

Vinitharya – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which mistakes are made.


Chapter action takes place between early June, 2986 and mid-October of the same year.

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Ch. 68 – Hallowed

Hallowed – Finduilas POV – 1 of 1

In which a snake slithers in, a prisoner is paraded, the Rohirrim show off, an inquiry is launched, a gift is offered, a fate is pondered, a friend is mourned, a queen triumphs, hope trumps certainty, and someone we love dearly is destroyed.


On hallowed ground – a temple, a sacred place, a marriage, a friendship – choices must be made. When there is no right to be chosen over a wrong, how do you decide?

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Ch. 50 – Campaign

Campaign – Finduilas POV – 2 of 3

In which Finduilas remembers one date, forgets another, listens to intrigues, curbs her impatience, challenges Denethor, and continues to press her political advantage.


For once, Aiavalë gets to have some fun.

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Ch. 44 – Touched

Touched – Finduilas POV – 1 of 2

In which Finduilas experiences touch – healing touches and a touch of evil, being a bit touched in the head and having one’s heart touched by something unexpected.

(If you have taken a break between chapters, I recommend re-reading the last section of chapter 43, North, before diving into 44 as it will make much more sense of the opening paragraphs.)


The Valar are such bastards. Finduilas does not name the mariner the gift-giver, an echo of Sauron’s title Annatar (lord of gifts), by mistake, even if it was an accident.

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