Ch. 8 – Ruins

Ruins – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor plots rebellion, challenges a mercenary, talks to an uncle, and says something he will regret for a very long time.


This chapter is mostly backstory and political machinations, but it also takes time to look at different locations in Gondor, in this case Pelargir.

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Ch. 7 – Descent

Descent – Denethor POV – 1 of 2

In which Denethor teaches Thorongil a lesson, discusses army provisions, shows where Faramir gets it, and lets his fingers do the talking.


How many ways down are there? This is a lesson for both Thorongil and Denethor.

As I said on the Rómenna blog post, one main goal in this chapter was to pay attention to Denethor’s physicality. If he & Aragorn/Thorongil look as being of closest kin, then they are pretty similar in their physical abilities. They’ll both be tall, agile, with keen senses and an ease of movement. Boromir and Faramir, though of different body types, are also very physical men, and I imagine that Denethor would more like than unlike his sons at a comparable age. I don’t know if it came through in the first chapter, but Denethor and Thorongil vary in their favorite choice of weapon. Thorongil is a swordsman, while Denethor prefers the bow. Each is, of course, deadly with either.

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What I’m doing

Just a quick administrative update.

On this blog, I’m trying to catch up with the chapters I’ve already posted on Rómenna so that there is one post per chapter, excluding the appendices.

On Rómenna, I’m prepping a few chapters for posting, but have been slowed down by some work deadlines and visiting relatives.

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My goal is to post new chapters and new blog posts in parallel once I get caught up so comments can be for the most immediate Rómenna posts.


Ch. 6 – Promise

Promise – Finduilas POV – 2 of 2

In which Finduilas ponders promises kept, promises broken, and what the future may hold.


Sometimes, the focus of the chapter is the place and time. Middle-earth is old, and Minas Tirith is named for another tower that served  much the same function. The story of LotR itself is a variation on the continued conflict of light and dark, good and evil, power and…power, that plagues the inhabitants.

So many broken promises. So much promise unfulfilled. What would be if this conflict wasn’t?


Ch. 5 – Confidence

Confidence – Finduilas POV – 1 of 2

In which Finduilas confides in someone, fails to do so with someone else, and gains a great deal of confidence when dealing with a third.


So, if my heroine is not a doormat, as conventionally written in LotR fanfic, but she’s also not She-ra, warrior princess, how does she exert her authority? By being a smart cookie. This chapter is an exploration of the various permutations of the concept of confidence, something Finduilas possesses in spades.

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Ch. 4 – Faithful

Faithful – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Thorongil gets nosy, Denethor gets a message, Finduilas gets a prime seat, Ecthelion gets ticked off, Denethor gets in trouble, Thorongil gets his wish, and Denethor gets wet.


This chapter continues the exploration of Denethor in the context of his relationships – to family, to friends, to Thorongil and to Finduilas. It starts with the first extended scene between Denethor and Thorongil interacting only with each other. How do they behave when no one else is around?

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Ch. 3 – Burial

Burial – Denethor POV – 1 of 2

In which Denethor contemplates beauty, reflects on sacrifice, prepares for boredom, and argues with a bird.


So, a question to be answered in HotK is just how did Denethor become the person he is? Too often the starting point for characterizations of him is A) Thorongil/Aragorn is the good guy, B) Denethor doesn’t like the hero, therefore C) he must be eeeviiillll (or at least an awful person). There’s not a lot of thought given to what his own upbringing might have been, who he interacts with on a daily basis, who his relatives are and how they affect him, and so forth. This chapter and the next one are attempts to give Denethor a background as rich and complex as what Thorongil can claim. Chief among these will be his siblings and his parents. We’ve already met Aiavalë and had a glimpse of Emeldir. Now is time for Denethor to interact with Maiaberiel and Ecthelion. Continue reading Ch. 3 – Burial