Ch. 28 – Vows

Vows – Denethor POV – 4 of 6

In which the betrothal finally takes place, several kisses are exchanged, Imrahil gets a few cameos, politics are tangled, and Telperien demands to be noticed.


A lot of different vows are performed, broken, reported on and pondered, with two that stand in contest with others.

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Ch. 27 – Belegaer

Denethor POV – 3 of 6

The many men so beautiful
And they all dead did lie!
And a million million slimy things
Liv’d on – and so did I.

In which fate and free will are argued – the Athrabeth challenged, by way of Coleridge.


After two somewhat quiet chapters dealing with internal dynastic politics (well, as quiet as such politics can be in the House Húrin…), we rush headlong into the metaphysics of Middle-earth and, obliquely, the grounds of the religious debates of our own times.

The mariner. He’s a sly one. Keep an eye on him.

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Ch. 26 – Kinship

Kinship – Denethor POV – 2 of 6

In which Denethor deals with his relatives and their mutual love of Finduilas as he embarks on a great journey that will change him forever.


Denethor interacts with his biological and emotional families, with varying degrees of success. There is a little more information about his time in Umbar. See if you can find the reference to Emerson, and to a famous work of art.

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Ch. 25 – Plans

Plans – Denethor POV – 1 of 6

In which Denethor thinks about plans that have all gone to hell, his own and others, recently overturned and things in the past.


And we’re back to Denethor’s perspective. He’s not quite sure what to do when he actually wins. He can’t deal with love, so he takes refuge in politics and family in-fighting. And, oh boy, but does the (extended) Steward’s family know how to mix it up…

A friend of mine once commented that Denethor is like a cat that falls off a ledge and then looks around as if to say “I meant to do that.”

There’s a lot happening Casa Anglachel at the moment, but I am going to do my best to put up a new chapter every couple days.


Ch. 24 – Troth

Troth – Finduilas POV – 4 of 4

In which Finduilas’s choice becomes known to all and various vows are declared.


The girl does know how to set things off.

Some notes added after the cut. Also, fair warning, I may not post another chapter for a few days due to Real Life.

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Ch. 23 – Betwixt

Betwixt – Finduilas POV – 3 of 4

In which Finduilas deals with the attentions of a swan, a harpy, a viper, a rat, an eagle, a hound, and the High Warden of the White Tower, and in doing so comes to understand her part in the tale. Not that she cares to play along.


Finduilas and Denethor share the trait of impulsiveness, which serves them both well in this chapter. Of course, those words will come back to haunt them both. SPOILERS after the cut.

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Ch. 22 – Tales

Tales – Finduilas POV – 2 of 4

In which the tall, dark, taciturn fellow finally admits his feelings, Finduilas plans a wedding, and poetry is in the air.


Another talismanic object is introduced in this chapter and a new theme enters the mix of legends. The answer to Finduilas’s question to herself is, well, duh.

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