OMY – Character file posted

Just a quick note that I’ve posted a PDF on listing all On Merry Yule (OMY) characters. The link is in the navigation bar “Shire Stories – Extra Stuff”.

I’m going to try to tweak it a bit to make it easier to read (Excel doesn’t convert well to PDF, sigh…) but new characters are going to start adding up quickly and I figured you needed the reference sooner rather than later.

Also, I’m still working on the big monster genealogy file which lists out the relationships.

New chapter will go up this weekend.


The False Promise of Protest

As a process analyst, I don’t just draw pictures. That’s a small part of all I do. Pictures are good to communicate motion – start here, end there, these things go together, green means go, red means stop, and so forth. Mostly, though, I write stuff down.

I’m pretty sure no one but me actually reads all the words I write and that’s OK.

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On Merry Yule

I am starting to post my next Shire Story novel, On Merry Yule.

This story was written because I myself became curious about what happened next with Frodo coming to live with Bilbo in Bag End. I was curious about how the two of them would get along, Frodo being a young tween from a gregarious clan, Bilbo being an old man used to his solitude. There was also the fact that I had dropped a rather large emotional bomb at the end of Legacy that needed to be addressed if Frodo was to become the person we know in LotR. Then there was all the tidbits I had picked up about the Shire in my speculations and research which I didn’t want going to waste.

As with Legacy, I’ll be posting a chapter per week as consistently as I can, health and family obligations allowing.



Writing a Green Sun

Writing a Green Sun

This is a critical essay that I wrote shortly after the original publication of Legacy, explaining why I wrote the story.

Since I first put it together, I’ve gone on to write On Merry Yule, Hands of the King, and two more novel length to-be-published Shire stories. My take on the Shire has become more sophisticated, so some of what’s here no longer holds. I’ve updated a few parts in light of that, but the changes are minimal.

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