Financial Disclosure

So my resolution to stay away from political blogging is wavering, mostly because Teh Dumb is running rampant. I’ll try to keep it short.

Bernie Sanders’ Achilles heel in his lack of financial transparency. His entire campaign is being the poor, rumpled, sincere (if abrasive) dude from Real America™ who tells it like it is and fights for the little guy. He’s battling those corrupt Democrats who take money from corporate interests and betray the Working Class™.

Except he is none of those things any more than his Democratic colleagues in Congress are what he accuses them of being.

The simple answer to anyone exhorting you to worship at the Altar of St. Bernard is to say – when he releases ten years  of full tax returns, plus files all campaign finance reports for 2016 (and preferably for his last senatorial campaign), then we can talk.

Until he comes clean with these basic documents, he is not walking his own walk.

Pound this like a drum. You will never convince the anti-Democrats. They are political nihilists who want to destroy the Democrats and have seized on Bernie the same way they seized on Obama as their vehicle to glory. But it may get through the confusion of the rest and will set a very reasonable bar for him to jump for future electoral consideration.

It is clear, it is impersonal, and it can be applied equally and without prejudice to anyone who wants to claim a public office under the Democratic banner.




Ch. 09 – Enclosure


POV – Bilbo

In which the cousins go for a ride, Rory is the Master, Bilbo is saved by a bird, Esmie is foiled once more, and Rory gives Gilda to Bilbo.


We know what Bilbo has told Frodo about his own young life and loves. What do people who were there say about it?

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Lessons of Montana

I’m trying not to get sucked back into political blogging. It consumed my life and my health back in the early uh-ohs. However, some aspects of the recent Montana special election are picking at me. I’m going to try to stay mostly in a political science mode.

The 2016 election was shocking for what it unmasked, but it is also mesmerizing for what it is unleashing. The critical feature of it is the tacit acknowledgement by all but the most partisan media that restoration of normalcy lies in the hands (and electoral success) of the Democrats. The Republican party has abandoned any claim to being a center-right party and is simply a force of reaction, revanchism and kleptocracy. The Democrats are needed to restore law and rationality to the nation. Thus, we’re left with this odd political punditry where the Republican’s success is unremarkable while Democratic losses are the occasion of lamenting and armchair quarterbacking over their “failure”.

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Ch. 08 – Affection


POV – Frodo

In which Frodo translates elvish, realizes that Bilbo is in love, has a heart-to-heart with one of his cousins, and remembers how he got so good at pleasing others.


We’ve seen Frodo interacting with the adults for some time. Now we get to find out more about his relationships with other tweens.

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