Ch. 43 – North

North – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor reflects on the concept and reality of north, and comes to a decision.


Thorongil makes a promise he really should not have made. Denethor takes oaths seriously.

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Ch. 40 – Wounds

Wounds – Finduilas POV – 1 of 2

In which Finduilas observes the wounds carried by those around her, physical and metaphysical, fresh and closed, the scars they leave behind, the emotional toll they take.


This was the chapter when Thorongil convinced me he wasn’t such a bad fellow after all, and where he took a large step towards becoming Aragorn.

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Ch. 39 – Change

Change – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor begins to understand that nothing will be the same.


Slowly, Denethor gets used to the idea that his place is in the City and not out on the front lines. He’s not particularly happy about it, but having Finduilas makes it easier. Sometimes. If he could only See her.

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Ch. 38 – Found

Found – Denethor POV – 2 of 3

In which Denethor finds himself in hot water, the Captain in the woods, the Steward in a good mood, and his patience wearing thin, but still cannot find an answer to why anyone would wish to remain Lost.


Thorongil is beginning to grasp that he is going to have to pick sides.

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Ch. 37 – Mated

Mated – Denethor POV – 1 of 3

In which the Fool reveals a terrible truth, the Captain is terse, the Steward is misled, the City sings, and the Lady has a contest of wills with the Warden.


He wakes up the morning after he and Finduilas make love for the first time and… well, it’s Denethor.

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