White Liberal Fantasy

Much has been written (and tweeted, and memed, and broadcast, and etc.) about the HBO proposal to create a series, “Confederate”, on the what-if idea that the South had not lost the Civil War but had (at least) defended their territory, allowing them to continue black chattel slavery into today, the 21st century. I’m unclear on whether this would be a single season thing or some kind of on-going series, like Game of Thrones.

Two significant arguments in opposition to this series are (and forgive me for the loss of nuance in this summation), first, that it is inherently offensive to Black Americans to see this domination fantasy portrayed on the screen, even if unsympathetic to the Confederate side, and, second, that we have enough racist practice and defense of white supremacy in our daily lives that we don’t need to indulge in some made-for-TV version.

The objection to the opposition seems to be two-fold as well. First, we shouldn’t “censor” artistic expression, which is such a horseshit argument I can’t believe anyone has the nerve to put it forward. They are already going ahead with the show and the prospective viewers are saying “We ask you not to.” There is no censorship, only a moral appeal.

Second, and more perniciously, defenders argue that it could be “well done” and “thought provoking”, and we’re assured the slave holding forces will not be portrayed kindly.

That’s the problem.

Confederate is a white liberal attempt to distance ourselves from the racist taint of the majority of our white compatriots, who are only too happy with a politely white supremacist nation. It is a fantasy of white heroism, resisting evil and fighting on the right side. It is the white entertainment dudes’ attempt to exculpate themselves from their continuous participation in the manufacture of white ideology in our current times. They want to be the superheroes of their own story, imagining themselves to have of course fought on the side of the Blue Union, and uneasily look past the upsurge of unfiltered racism and lust to impose Jim Crow – if not chattel slavery – once more upon the nation.

It is a self-referential fantasy. It has to be. The very premise of the story is that whites rule brutally and coercively over non-whites. That the Black co-worker next to you today is going to be chained (or chipped), under 24/7 surveillance to enforce her sub-human status. Yes, there will be a modern day Frederick Douglass, a sassy (and master-of-martial-arts) Harriet Tubman stand in, but the story will revolve around the souls of whites and the pure-hearted ones who break the chains for the enslaved. Probably with some kind of computer virus.

The thought that needs provoking is the idea that what we live in right now is sufficiently inhumane and indefensible to deserve an honest telling and a sober reckoning. That our Confederate past is neither dead nor past. That we are not the heroes, but the self-deluding, unindicted co-conspirators of the ongoing, barely interrupted campaign to keep millions of our fellow citizens in conditions of subservience and fear.

Go make a series about that.



The Hero of the Senate

Last night/early this morning, Mitch McConnell’s evil, destructive bill to strip almost all Americans of any health insurance security was brought to a halt. It’s a zombie bill, of course. McConnell will keep trying to resurrect it and push it through. Who knows? Perhaps he will succeed.

But he was stopped by a Senator who knew exactly why this bill was so harmful, and who was committed to preserving health care for all. This Senator returned to the Senate after a harrowing round of treatment for cancer that may take their life, defied the bullying, high-handed tactics of the Republican leadership, gave an impassioned speech on why this bill was unfit to be passed, and stood up for what was right.

Thank you Sen. Mazie Hirono

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Party Line

There are many misapprehensions about what a mass political party does and how it delivers votes to candidates and political goods to constituents. This is becoming clear as I observe the floundering of the Sandernista “Our Revolution” types, but it’s worth working out. Consider this more a PSA than anything, though I will take some swipes at the stupid along the way.

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Wonder Woman

A peculiar thing is happening in the American press and throughout the social media that I follow.

Everything is the fault of the Democrats (and/or liberals in general) for happening, and everything is the responsibility of the Democrats/liberals to repair. This is not a new demand, though it has risen to a roar since the orange shitgibbon clawed out the EC victory last November. I’m a steadfast Hillary supporter, so you can imagine my volcanic rage at the abuse being heaped upon her head, but the sentiment encompasses more than just her. She is a focus, but the not the phenomenon itself.

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Financial Disclosure

So my resolution to stay away from political blogging is wavering, mostly because Teh Dumb is running rampant. I’ll try to keep it short.

Bernie Sanders’ Achilles heel in his lack of financial transparency. His entire campaign is being the poor, rumpled, sincere (if abrasive) dude from Real America™ who tells it like it is and fights for the little guy. He’s battling those corrupt Democrats who take money from corporate interests and betray the Working Class™.

Except he is none of those things any more than his Democratic colleagues in Congress are what he accuses them of being.

The simple answer to anyone exhorting you to worship at the Altar of St. Bernard is to say – when he releases ten years  of full tax returns, plus files all campaign finance reports for 2016 (and preferably for his last senatorial campaign), then we can talk.

Until he comes clean with these basic documents, he is not walking his own walk.

Pound this like a drum. You will never convince the anti-Democrats. They are political nihilists who want to destroy the Democrats and have seized on Bernie the same way they seized on Obama as their vehicle to glory. But it may get through the confusion of the rest and will set a very reasonable bar for him to jump for future electoral consideration.

It is clear, it is impersonal, and it can be applied equally and without prejudice to anyone who wants to claim a public office under the Democratic banner.