No chapter this week

Unfortunately, some personal things require my full attention, and I will not be able to prepare and post the next chapter until next weekend.



Happy Birthday, Bilbo & Frodo!

I would be remiss if I did not wish the fellows a happy birthday today.

Quick update on writing. I have not been able to settle in and start anything new, as I had hoped to do, but I am re-reading the next story in the series, Lithe, and getting it ready for release. I tentatively plan to start posting that October 1.

Be sure to have some mushrooms today in honor of the birthday boys!



It’s weird but IT people (like yours truly) can be downright Luddite when trying out new stuff. I never saw the point of Twitter, not when I had my own web site and a bunch of blogs.

Now I kind of get it, so I’ll be using Twitter to promote my blog posts and to record my pithy political bon mots.