Ch. 08 – Affection


POV – Frodo

In which Frodo translates elvish, realizes that Bilbo is in love, has a heart-to-heart with one of his cousins, and remembers how he got so good at pleasing others.


We’ve seen Frodo interacting with the adults for some time. Now we get to find out more about his relationships with other tweens.

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OMY – Character file posted

Just a quick note that I’ve posted a PDF on listing all On Merry Yule (OMY) characters. The link is in the navigation bar “Shire Stories – Extra Stuff”.

I’m going to try to tweak it a bit to make it easier to read (Excel doesn’t convert well to PDF, sigh…) but new characters are going to start adding up quickly and I figured you needed the reference sooner rather than later.

Also, I’m still working on the big monster genealogy file which lists out the relationships.

New chapter will go up this weekend.


Writing a Green Sun

Writing a Green Sun

This is a critical essay that I wrote shortly after the original publication of Legacy, explaining why I wrote the story.

Since I first put it together, I’ve gone on to write On Merry Yule, Hands of the King, and two more novel length to-be-published Shire stories. My take on the Shire has become more sophisticated, so some of what’s here no longer holds. I’ve updated a few parts in light of that, but the changes are minimal.

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Story Business

Just a few housekeeping items.

As I said a few posts back, my intention is to post a new chapter of something once a week, probably on Sunday. It’s the day I’m most likely to have free to prep the work. I’ll wait a few days and then post a teaser on AO3 to get casual readers.

What I’m struggling with a bit is how and where to post the supporting stuff for the chapters, like genealogy charts, character lists, diagrams and other related materials. I don’t want to post to Rómenna because it’s all manual and hard coded links. I also don’t want to get into more database coding, which becomes a support problem. I think I may try posting things to, which would allow me to do general sharing out of Office files and PDFs, but not bring people into my own OneDrive space.

So bear with me as I get details worked out.


Update – I’ve added a link in the menu to the left to a new place online where I’m posting my Shire Stories support stuff. It has a built in Disqus forum. Let me know what you think.