Ch. 2 – Headman


POV – Bilbo

In which goods are ordered, dinners are cooked, messages are delivered, and kin are criticized.


Bilbo and Frodo plan for their birthday. It is going to be grand.

How did the headman of Hobbiton end up living at the top of the Hill, in a new smial that wasn’t there before? We learn about Bungo Baggins and how he spent his wife’s money to create Bag End. Bilbo had several teachers in humility and grace before Gandalf showed up on the doorstep.

Bilbo is much more settled now than he was right after they came home from the Fair. Rum’s gift was what he needed to begin his return to stability. He’s still confused about Rory’s actions and has uncovered a more disturbing but entirely surprising rumor.

We get to meet some of the characters who live in Hobbiton and Bywater, and see Dudo continue to try to get his way.

In Mistress news, I have written my third first draft chapter and think it’s pretty good. My job is in a bit of flux, which slows down my writing, and it may continue that way for a while.


One thought on “Ch. 2 – Headman”

  1. Dudo is pushing very hard; Frodo is being patient. Tulip is making assumptions. Maybe it’s just how Dudo relayed his disappointment, but it’s a tell that Tulip had been “planning to put on a birthday party for you” rather than “hoping to put on”.
    The sudden introduction of the thought of going south and needing maps or a guide shows that Bilbo
    Frodo about Otho & Lotho owing apologies — true. He stated that well. (Ditto Bilbo on his issue with Otho.) The discussion of relatives led, later, to Bilbo telling the story about Dora. I liked the story of her parents and it’s sad what the Winter did to them.
    How Bungo built Bag End is also a good story, connecting with the ledgers and how Bilbo is careful how he helps people and the importance of dignity. A good way to be kind while helping!

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