Ch. 1 – Relent


POV – Frodo

In which the past arrives to inform the present with a troubling present.


Lithe ended on a fearful note, Bilbo shaken that he had done something arrogant and left Frodo in danger. A century of loss is terrible to bear.

Frodo is well aware of Bilbo’s sadness and deep anger, but it’s only since the Fair that he has started to ponder Bilbo’s past beyond the stories of adventure. Much of this story will be Frodo unearthing Bilbo’s life.

The most startling part of that life is Rum. Neither of them really know what to make of his reappearance in Bilbo’s life. He comes bearing a gift that is guaranteed to get Bilbo’s approval, but it also sets off a crisis for Frodo.

For now, though, there is a hearty breakfast, learning ledgers, enjoying a festival and planning a long tramp through Southfarthing.


4 thoughts on “Ch. 1 – Relent”

  1. Good start to another story. Bilbo got freaked out about what he risked being arrogent, now Frodo is freaking out at Bilbo’s reactions. Comparing the opening to his conversation with Rum, his unease is first hinted then increases through the chapter. The talk with Rum both explains some things and is more worrying for Frodo. Bringing up the Parting the way he did shows the seriousness, in multiple ways.

    Sam is a lot of fun, especially at the start. Thinking about the gardening he does with Sam versus A reminder about how his future had changed. It’s significant Frodo was told to stay home as Biblo dealt with rumors, then didn’t talk about it when he got home, though they both work at the ledgers & talking to Rum about that.

    Bilbo & Rum would like things to be nice, but they keep pushing each others buttons. Bilbo has quite a bit of life for Frodo to find out about.

  2. Whenever you write about food – which is quite often, these being stories from the Shire – I get so very hungry! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next chapters, and even more to The Mistress.

  3. Hi Julie,

    Frodo is having to work through a lot of really awful emotional trauma and it’s hard for him to believe he really, truly is safe with Bilbo. At some level, the kid doesn’t believe he deserves to be cared for and happy. His biggest fear now is that something/someone will take Bilbo away from him.

    Sam is a delight. He’s still a little too young to be a true companion to Frodo, but he’s getting there.

    Rum & Bilbo do very little except push each others buttons. Rum also has An Agenda that he’s going to work through, whether Bilbo wants it or not.


  4. Hi Eszter,

    Heh. I like food and hobbits give me such a good excuse to write about it. Much of the food I describe is stuff I cook myself.

    I’m half-way through my next chapter of The Mistress, so will be posting another Century chapter before too long. The Mistress is a very different writing experience than I’ve done before. There are 20 chapters, each one of which takes place in a particular year. Gilda is the protagonist, but there are multiple POVs that can shift rapidly within a single scene. I’m used to staying with a single POV for a chapter that may only cover a few hours and then jump ahead a few days or weeks.

    Glad you’re enjoying the story!


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