As We Dream by The Fire

As We Dream by the Fire

POV – Bilbo

In which Bilbo spends a Yuletide evening in the Great Smials with his Uncle Isengar and his cousins Drogo Baggins and Ferumbras Took. Little did he know…


Here’s a little one chapter story as a combination Christmas/New Year’s present for my faithful readers (assuming I have any left after the long hiatus!) to let you know I’m almost ready to start posting another story.

So what have I been doing this last year? I wrote a new story (Harvest), revised another (Century, which I’ll start posting in January), and have been outlining the plot of another (The Mistress), while making notes on yet other tales. I also had a huge shift in my job and may have another this coming year, so all my plans may go up in smoke depending on what happens with that.



5 thoughts on “As We Dream by The Fire”

  1. Oh, my sweet Bilbo! Little did he know indeed! Such a bittersweet irony here. This was a very lovely surprise today, and I enjoyed it ever so much. I always appreciate the way you are able to weave different parts of Tolkien’s universe together in ways both simple and elegant, ordinary and profound, and somehow always surprise me in the process. I’m almost finished reading Lithe, and am very much looking forward to reading along with Century as you post it! I haven’t been commenting nearly as much as I was hoping to this year (lots of unexpected happenings) but your stories and characters and characterizations of JRRT’s characters are really never far from my mind and my siblings and I have spent many an hour collectively nerding out over your work and the further thoughts about Arda it inspires. I mean, full disclosure: I am in fact currently wearing a shirt my sister made and gifted me today that says “Alquallë” on it and…yeah. Pretty safe to say we are Team Anglachel for life in this house. Your stories have certainly made this year a brighter one (as they have for some years now) and I hope these words bring even a fraction of that joy to you in return. Happy Christmas and New Year and much love and peace and all good things to you and yours this season and the year ahead! ❤️

  2. Hi Courtney!

    Yay! Someone’s reading. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the present. I love threading my way through the Professor’s world, too, digging up bits and pieces of “history” that can be woven back into the main story. We’ll find out a bit more about how Bilbo ended up going off on his adventure in the next story.

    I’ll be publishing Century on a fairly slow schedule, one chapter every two weeks or so, so you won’t need to rush to read. I’m trying to make myself write a new story at the same time (The Mistress) to keep me honest about writing.

    You have a shirt that says Alquallë? OMG, I did a silly little dance when I read that! Tee-hee, talk about an author ego boost! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may we all have year of joy!


  3. I don’t have flowery words to say, I enjoyed this, too. Of course Gar tells the same stories over and over again, the way Bilbo will talk about his adventure later. Good setting for Bilbo to be musing about what he’s trying not to think about and what he’s unhappy about. Plus his thoughts on what’s improbable in Gar’s stories are a chuckle, because we know what Gar saw. Of course, makes me want to read the Dol Amroth chapters of HotK again …
    Looking forward to the final version of Century & good luck on Mistress. I hope the zoo (particularly Herself) cooperates.

  4. Hi Julie,

    I don’t need flowery words. 🙂 I love thinking that Bilbo learned his story telling style from his adventurous Uncle Gar, the disreputable one in the family. For a hobbit to go dashing off, he needs to be mentally ready to do this, and Bilbo was pondering an adventure for some time before Gandalf showed up. My take is that Gandalf kept tabs on likely adventurers, such as the descendants of the Old Took, and then paid visits until he found one that would bite.

    I encourage you to go read the Dol Amroth chapters again, heh…

    I’ll send you updates, as usual, on The Mistress. I’m going to post a chapter of Century each time I finish a first draft chapter of that.


  5. That sounds like a good plan. 🙂
    “mentally ready to do this” — I agree with this gapfilling, you’re setting it up well. Gar is putting ideas in his head that there’s more beyond the Shire & Bree. I’m reminded of the 1st descriptions of the Grand Canyon by Europeans. It wasn’t “Oh, neat!” — it was terrifying & they didn’t have words. Gar, having Gandalf with him, gets explanations.

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