Ch. 20 – Temptation


POV – Bilbo

In which Bilbo wrestles with the fallout of his actions in Yule and considers how to stave off temptation.


This marks the end of Lithe. I will be taking a break from posting for a month as I deal with some large and exciting (but exhausting) changes at work.

When I’m back, I’ll probably have a few short stories and some supporting materials to post, then we’ll be on to the next story, Century.

Thank you for reading.



3 thoughts on “Ch. 20 – Temptation”

  1. Dear Anglachel,
    I never commented here but I like your stories a lot. I have just re-read the Shire stories, along with your corresponding comments, wich also made me realise that your posts stopped appearing in my inbox a while ago. I am really looking forward to your next story, whichever of the ones you mentioned it may be!

  2. Hi Eszter,

    I’m so glad you like my Shire Stories. I have been having a more difficult year than I had anticipated, so have taken time off to tend to those things. I will be doing final edits on Century in November and plan to start posting it in December.

    Thanks for sticking with me this year. I promise I will have new writing for you soon!


  3. *leaves off re-reading HOTK to run and start reading Lithe so maybe I can be ready to read along with Century in real time* *notes irony of abandoning said story while on chapter 62*

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