Ch. 15 – Pull


POV – Bilbo

In which Bilbo is pulled in many directions, exerts his pull over others, pulls out a long needed confession, and wishes for victory to be pulled from the jaws of defeat.


My apologies for the late post. I’ve been sick most of the week.

Mostly, Bilbo is pulling together the threads of all the threats that have been aimed at him and Frodo over the last year and figuring out who knew what.

The weight pulling scene is the very first one I wrote down to include in this story, and everything in the story has been added to support that scene. It is a description of a similar contest I saw myself over forty years ago in a rural area of Washington state.

See if you can find the narrative “quote” of a scene from LotR.

The most important part of the chapter, Frodo’s talk with Bilbo, will be elaborated in upcoming scenes. It’s the first time Frodo has shown grief and deep fear over the abuse he endured, and neither are quite sure what to do with it.




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