Ch. 20 – Trade


POV – Bilbo

In which Bilbo ponders miracles, stone, pride, loyalty, death, politics, prostitution, and honesty, and places a price on each.


Bilbo is getting tired of his relatives’ idiocy, particularly as it pertains to Frodo.

This leads him into several uncomfortable conversations. Rory gets a well-deserved comeuppance, but those with Ula and Gilda are not quite what he thinks. He’s very defensive of Frodo to the point where he’s not listening carefully to what he’s being told. Ula simply stops talking and Gilda is (rightly) pissed off that he won’t understand what she is trying to say.

Not much else to say, given the horrific events in RL today. Orcs, all of them.




One thought on “Ch. 20 – Trade”

  1. Good opening, where Bilbo’s thoughts are (Frodo), and good conversations, though (as you say) Bilbo missing some important nuances. Dalin is a sight in his new shirt … and such a contrast between him with the children and when he’s asking to right insults & harm. The conversation with Frodo is sweet and sad.

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