Ch. 18 – Shed


POV – Frodo

In which Frodo makes his mark, fulfills two deep desires, ponders Shire politics, and gets some sympathy from Bilbo.


Frodo has done a lot of growing up in the last 48 hours.

He’s surrounded by betrayal and it’s taking a toll. While he’s always hated Sara, Frodo now knows that Sara gave his own treasures away to reward others for their participation in his abuse. Sara’s apology of the early night was abandoned. Tom’s questionable affection is now shown to have been purchased. Bilbo appears to have broken a promise. Ula’s flirtation is exposed to have been done on an order from his aunt/grandmother. Espie is offering to betray Sara for his sake, but something is warning him not to take that at face value.

Frodo is being forced to shed the last vestiges of his childhood’s innocence as he confronts the people who have manipulated him. It would be very easy for him to become, as Gilda said to Bilbo, a selfish, spiteful boy, lashing out at those who have used him.





One thought on “Ch. 18 – Shed”

  1. Frodo was right to consider if Sara had lied about Tom, then worked out the evidence. I liked the speculations about grey riders amid the political grumbling. Esmie was being very manipulative, ick. Una is much more honest. Frodo has a lot to think about.

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