The Hero of the Senate

Last night/early this morning, Mitch McConnell’s evil, destructive bill to strip almost all Americans of any health insurance security was brought to a halt. It’s a zombie bill, of course. McConnell will keep trying to resurrect it and push it through. Who knows? Perhaps he will succeed.

But he was stopped by a Senator who knew exactly why this bill was so harmful, and who was committed to preserving health care for all. This Senator returned to the Senate after a harrowing round of treatment for cancer that may take their life, defied the bullying, high-handed tactics of the Republican leadership, gave an impassioned speech on why this bill was unfit to be passed, and stood up for what was right.

Thank you Sen. Mazie Hirono

Thanks also to the entire Democratic Senate Caucus who remain united against the thuggish, authoritarian power grab of the GOP. They do not need to be “convinced” to defend the American public. They know what is right and promote it.

Respect is also due to Sen. Collins of ME and Sen. Murkowski of AK who refused to knuckle under to threats of physical violence from their own party members and joined the Democrats to kill this thing.

McCain saw an opportunity to score some serious political points against Trump for how the orange shitgibbon humiliated him in the primaries. As I’ve been reading on Twitter, Sen. McCain prefers his presidents not to have been captured by Putin. Don’t kid yourselves, folks. If he could not have turned this into some personal score settling, McCain would happily have denied you the insurance and access to care he enjoys courtesy of my tax dollars.

He is no political hero.




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