Ch. 16 – Sun-Return


POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which Mac tells on Frodo, Gilda tells on herself, Bilbo tells on all his cousins, and Frodo tells on Sara.


An angry Bilbo is someone to be feared.

I’m worn out from a long week, so no comments on the chapter. Perhaps later.



3 thoughts on “Ch. 16 – Sun-Return”

  1. I don’t like that Gilda ordered Ula to do that; not that she’s very clear about admitting to it.

    Rory being maudlin, oh my. After talking about Gilda, the news about Odogar started sobering Rory up. I liked Rory’s welcome to the Sun and the distribution of the coals from the Sun-return log.

    The end of the chapter is dark: Bilbo’s reaction to Frodo’s few sentences about Sara are as bad and more frightening than reading what happened to Frodo in the previous chapter. The ring magnified Bilbo’s anger, but Frodo pulled him back.

  2. Hi Julie!

    Are both of your trips done, or are you still to go on the second one?

    I think it was less of an order than a strong hint that Gilda wouldn’t object to seeing the two do some smooching. It will have started w/Gilda asking for Ula to prevent Esmie from coming on to Frodo (remember, Esmie & Ula are first cousins and d0on’t like each other that much). Gilda then sees that Ula is checking the kid out and gets the idea that a little flirting for all to see would not be a bad thing. When giving Ula the rules for the evening, Gilda will have been pretty firm about Ula not doing anything that would hurt her reputation, and then slips in that keeping an eye on Frodo would be good. An indirect conversation would follow about what the bounds are, and Ula would be more than happy to do some kissing with the cutest boy in Buckland. I sense it was less Gilda telling her to do something than it was her letting Ula know she wouldn’t object.

    Rory is scrambling here. Too many bad things happening and he’s guilty about a lot of things that will take a few stories to work out. But he is the Master and knows to perform his duties correctly when the time comes. I like the ceremony of the new fire for the hearths & how hobbits from all over Buckland will come for the “magic” coals. I’m imagining a slightly different Wintermark for the Tooklands.

    Frodo is in greater danger from Bilbo than he was from Sara. A less strong willed and decent person would have turned on the boy, urged on by the Ring.


  3. OK, hinting she wouldn’t be angry is better.

    The trips are done until September. I went to a socialism conference in Chicago via bus & the day after I got back Folo drove us down to New Orleans for a few days (I walked less than usual because hot) then the day after we got back we were part of a medieval day at a library 20 minutes north … so was mostly reading the rest of the week. Rest of the summer will be the Saterday market about every other week.

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