Ch. 15 – Deceit


POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which Bilbo considers the Ring, Esmie considers fidelity, Odogar considers revolt, Tom considers kisses, Mac considers Sara, and Frodo considers breathing.


Mix alcohol, late hours and unresolved conflicts together, and fireworks will happen.

This is the first place in my Shire Stories where the reader gets to observe the Ring trying to bend Bilbo to its will. Before, we’ve seen Bilbo use the Ring and we’ve seen Bilbo angry about Frodo’s abuse, but here we see the Ring inserting itself into Bilbo thoughts, doing its best to steer him into darker, crueler, more violent actions. Then Bilbo has a fateful discussion with yet another reviled cousin which sets off events that end up in the next story.

Meanwhile, Frodo has a rather violent encounter with various cousins. While he has to fight to protect himself, the most brutal blows may be inflicted by truth, not fists. We get hints of more going wrong in Buckland than any of the elders are aware of.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 15 – Deceit”

  1. I honestly didn’t cotton on that this was the Ring’s influence. Is that good or bad, I wonder?

    Of course its machinations should be quiet and insidious, and we know it drove Gollum to kill his friend, but it seemed like a pretty natural time and place to rage.

  2. If the Ring is involved, it’s bad…

    Yes, it is a completely natural and reasonable time for Bilbo to be angry, but he’s pushed just a bit further than a “normal” hobbit reaction should be. It’s not obvious to anyone in the story, only to those outside who know how evil the Ring is, and it can’t become conscious, or Bilbo would never agree to leave the Ring with Frodo.

    That said, Bilbo has some very good reasons to want to visit harm on Sara.

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