Ch. 13 – Playing with Fire

Playing With Fire

POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which Gilda and Bilbo dance, Bargo is told he is not the dearest to Frodo’s heart, and the boys have a very hot time.


The family starts to behave badly and things get interesting.

Bilbo has a lot more baggage than Frodo. There’s some mention of his younger years and how he might have behaved at the Wintermarks of his youth. Then he has to talk to Gilda. The shock of Frodo’s accusations combined with Sara’s confession has had four days to percolate, and Gilda has a few things to say to her Beggar.

Meanwhile, Frodo continues to negotiate his relationships with his cousins and former childhood friends. We have a digressions into cultural views of sexuality, and then have a hint of a rapprochement between Frodo and Sara.

For people who read On Merry Yule when it was posted to HASA, there is one significant edit to the chapter, which is the conversation between Seredic, Sara, Mac and Frodo near the fire tower. In the original, Seredic’s wife, Hilda, is to give birth in a few days. The timing has been changed due to a mistake on my part years ago when setting the date for the events. I had miscalculated my years.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 13 – Playing with Fire”

  1. Dancing with Prisca is always a great start, but Gilda had bitterness. What Bilbo implied to Rory to get him to agree to the adoption meant Gilda thinks Bilbo broke his rule — yes, “baggage”. Lots of tension there ready to pop out and darken the usual banter. And her lying to Sara (she wanted information, didn’t like what she got) lead to Frodo thinking a promise broken, and he’s angry & hurt 😦

    The end scene, I think Mac was a good influence on Sara, heh, Frodo knows it won’t last.

  2. The tension with Bilbo and Gilda is why I think I need to go back in time and complete The Mistress rather than keep going forward with Bilbo.

    In the moment Sara apologized, I think he truly meant it. There is some good in him, but it is very hard to find.


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