Ch. 12 – The Blooding

The Blooding

POV – Bilbo/Frodo

In which someone gets Rory’s goat, Bilbo recites a poem about flower and fruit, wolves are noticed in Northfarthing, and a rat, a snake and a badger have a little chat.


Wintermark begins in earnest and the family is (temporarily, I’m sure) on relatively good behavior.

Bilbo gets to declaim some poetry, which he is supposed to have done all the time, irritating everyone around him. I wanted to show how, just maybe, it wasn’t so tedious. He’s telling them how others celebrate the winter solstice, and of the history behind it, but the hobbits are too parochial to understand. It’s just Mad Baggins spouting nonsense.

The sacrifice of the goat is another nod to their previous nomadic culture, and you get a hint that the current domesticity of the Shire has some deep, visceral roots.

Frodo is going to have an evening of unsupervised interaction with a wide variety of relatives and friends. He will not be the same hobbit when the sun rises.


One thought on “Ch. 12 – The Blooding”

  1. I liked the poem and I liked the appearance of Rufus.
    Tom is annoying and the talk with Mac was painful. Frodo defended himself well: Mac does know his brother, that he would twist it, and Sara *should^ have refused, much worse than any blame in Frodo being foolish trying not to get hit.

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