Ch. 08 – Affection


POV – Frodo

In which Frodo translates elvish, realizes that Bilbo is in love, has a heart-to-heart with one of his cousins, and remembers how he got so good at pleasing others.


We’ve seen Frodo interacting with the adults for some time. Now we get to find out more about his relationships with other tweens.

Here are notes I posted when originally publishing the story:

The focus of OMY has been almost exclusively on the grown up world, so I needed to present a situation where Frodo was on more equal footing with the others. One complaint I have about a number of otherwise very good young Frodo fics is that he does not interact with hobbits his own age – only with elders (Bilbo) and young children (Sam). The dynamic is clearly different. He is not cowed by Bargo, though he is wary of Bargo’s ability to beat him up. Part of what I wanted to present was the ways in which Frodo is not simply a helpless victim of older bullies. He gives as good as he gets, he isn’t afraid of taking on the older tweens, and he’s more likely to try to confront rather than to submit. Had he stayed in Buckland, my belief is that Frodo would have turned the tables on Bargo within a year, with Ula’s help.

Tom as a character changed the most over the course of the story, more than any other. He went from being one of Bargo’s nasties to being a true sweetheart to being something more complicated. I think his original feelings for Frodo were affectionate, though opportunistic. He has bigger plans than just Bargo’s group. Frodo’s compassion, as well as his desire to be loved and not used, gets him in a lot of trouble with Tom. He sees in Tom someone else who is picked on and who needs protecting. His defense of Tom is, in a way, a denial of his own vulnerability. It gets even more complicated a few chapters along.

On the health front, I’m recovering slowly, but still aching from bruises. Going up and down stairs is difficult.


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