Ch. 03 – Familiarity


POV – Frodo

In which introductions are made, acquaintances are renewed, and Frodo is very put out with Bilbo.


What do you do when a giant shows up on the doorstep?Sorry for the late post. The weekend has been busy.

How do different people from wildly different cultures get along? By being formal and deferential until a level of comfort is established and interests are understood.

Rory’s handling of Dalin is expert and purposeful. He knows Bilbo would never bring someone dangerous into a smial, so he quickly sizes up how to best make use of this exotic guest. Frodo’s thought that his uncle had never seen a dwarf up close is most likely wrong – no doubt he, Mac and Sara have all seen and perhaps even spoken to dwarves in Whitfurrows or at the gate on the Road at the north end of Buckland – but that’s a very different setting than the close quarters of Brandy Hall.

I always love how quickly the children take to Dalin. (Yes, yes, I know I wrote it, but still…) They’ve grown up on Uncle Bilbo’s stories of adventure, with dwarves as good guys, so they are inclined to be curious rather than fearful. Grandpa Rory’s nonchalance is also reassuring, and then there is the fun of getting to know Dalin himself. I like to think that this early encounter is part of what got Merry ready to join Frodo’s adventure.


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