Ch. 02 – On the King’s Road

On the King’s Road

POV – Bilbo

In which a journey is begun, a song is sung, news is shared, roots are discussed, the badger is fat, and Frodo sees ghosts.


Not all is right with the Shire.

What began as a little one-off scene, the evening at The Fat Badger, done more to provide some background information on my speculation on trade and to remind readers of the talk Bilbo had with the Brandybucks while riding Hedge, changed the tenor of the entire story. It was supposed to be little more than a holiday celebration where Frodo began to deal with his abuse – and that is still there – but a whole additional overarching plot line made itself known.


4 thoughts on “Ch. 02 – On the King’s Road”

  1. It’s always funny when that happens: when some scene you’re in the process of writing, or some character speaks to you and says, ‘But I would totally do this instead’, and the entire narrative changes.

  2. Hi Jon,

    My cantankerous characters are masters at derailing the plot. Argh. “This is not like Odogar.” From that thought, two novels have sprung.

    I usually start with a big picture of what the story is supposed to be about, and then I’ll have a few critical scenes that must happen – sometimes the scene exists for just a paragraph or a few sentences. The rest of the tale is navigating from one scene to the other.

    My zoo, as Julie calls them, have minds of their own and do not like being told what to do. I set out thinking that someone is one way, and then they roll their eyes and strike out another direction. Usually it’s some minor character who decides the time is ripe for scene stealing.

    Thanks, as always for reading and taking the time to comment. 🙂


  3. I’m glad you’re posting again; it’s helping me with the dreaded annual ordeal. It’s sad Frodo doesn’t feel Bag End is home yet … it makes sense that after he is safe from Sara he will be homesick for Merry & Merle & Gilda. Life is always more complex than “happily ever after”.

    Dalin is one of my favorite of your original characters. He’s so cheerful. The dwarves act much different than hobbits & it’s fun watching them interact. The trade talk is both interesting and fills in gaps, as is the reference to the hobbit version of “until the King returns”. From there into [spoilers about “what is not right”]. Also family & regional dynamics: Gun & Wili, Odogar & Rory …

    On the one hand, Bilbo told Frodo to just listen, on the other hand Frodo’s unexpected addition showed he *was^ listening and he supported Bilbo’s point well. Applause. I’m looking to (re)reading the rest.

  4. Hi Julie,

    Geez, I totally missed your comment, I’m sorry! It’s been a hectic week.

    Life is always more complex than happily ever after. Think of how JRRT finished LotR – with a physically and psychically mutilated Frodo going off to an uncertain promise of maybe healing and emotional restoration. But, in this case, he’s having a hard time settling in and is glossing over the abuse he endured in Buckland.

    Dalin is one of my favorite secondary OCs. I liked exploring dwarves through him and his engagement with the hobbits.

    Frodo listens and does what he’s asked – until he doesn’t. Even as a barely tween, he has confidence in his own decisions and (as Rory will note) he’s good at sizing up a situation and taking action.

    Glad I can provide some distraction and entertainment. 🙂


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