Writing a Green Sun

Writing a Green Sun

This is a critical essay that I wrote shortly after the original publication of Legacy, explaining why I wrote the story.

Since I first put it together, I’ve gone on to write On Merry Yule, Hands of the King, and two more novel length to-be-published Shire stories. My take on the Shire has become more sophisticated, so some of what’s here no longer holds. I’ve updated a few parts in light of that, but the changes are minimal.

At present, I’m closely following the events in Washington DC, resisting the urge to plunge back into political blogging. The Trump administration is simply a criminal gang at this point, trying to grab as much loot as they can before the CIA, FBI and other arms of the intelligence community throw them in jail, or at least evict them from power.

To me, the most significant action of the last three months is the evisceration of the State Department. This serves no national interest. It doesn’t even serve an isolationist, non-interventionist approach.

And I am greatly enjoying my “I told you so” moment over the Assange/Snowden ratfucking. They were never on the side of progress, they were always serving a different master than naïve “progressives” believed, and they are more than happy to screw you over. Read Sean Wilentz’s article from three years ago and see how much of what he uncovers is borne out by their current behavior.

Anyway, back to fanfic. I plan to start posting On Merry Yule (OMY) soon.



2 thoughts on “Writing a Green Sun”

  1. I agree about wanting Frodo and Sam (and everyone else) to be strong enough to handle Mordor or Sauron’s armies. The ramifications of The Winter are fascinating to contemplate. On the political front I’m always most angry at the lopsided priorities of a budget (federal & local) that spends so much on “defense” and mass incarceration (& deportations!) that could be so much better spent on homes, health, and education. 😦

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