Ch. 10 – Scandal

Scandal – Bilbo POV

In which Bilbo once more is a thief who fails to understand what he has set in motion.


He really should have stopped and had a chat with Gilda.

Bilbo should know that being clever can be exhausting. The law of unintended consequences is going to be in force. His entire adventure was one “Oh, that didn’t work the way I thought it would…” after another. Then again, it’s unclear whether a different path was open for him to follow.

The problem is in the nature of respectability and the power of slander and gossip to cruelly defame those who are innocent of the accusation. Bilbo can’t sue for defamation in a small, traditional, custom-bound society. All he has is counter-gossip, and decency is never as interesting as (alleged) depravity.

Frodo, however, knows the real score of what has been going on in Buckland, and knows the story is more complicated than what his uncle believes it to be. His last, odd, interaction with Sara hints at it. When I wrote the story, the character insisted on it being there, though I wasn’t sure why. When I picked up the tale in the next story and presented Frodo’s POV, it became clearer.

There is a short coda chapter to Legacy, and then I will take a short break and figure out my schedule for the next story.


3 thoughts on “Ch. 10 – Scandal”

  1. Yes, Bilbo should have had a chat with Gilda. Frodo, too, that would have been even more difficult. Bilbo did what he could in the traditional society: Rory could be reasonable, or there would be the scandal of Bilbo claiming him. It did depend on Frodo wanting to go with him, so good he didn’t see Esmie & change his mind. Frodo as whiny tween was funny. In the end, Esmie didn’t have as much control as she thought about ordering Frodo’s future. That did depend on Bilbo asking the right kind of question, … and listening and believing, so Frodo could make a choice.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Well, he and Gilda will chat in the future. I’m not sure the talk would have changed what he had to do, but he would have had a better perspective on the dynamics. Gilda would have been a staunch ally.

    Thanks for reading for so long. You were the first to see this story way back when. I couldn’t have written it without you. 🙂


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