Ch. 7 – Fortune

Fortune – Bilbo POV

In which Bilbo cuts to the heart of the mystery in Brandy Hall, or so he believes.


Not all monsters have fangs.

This is the chapter where things really get rolling for this story and all the others that follow. Bilbo finally turns the eyes of his adventure on to the actions of his kin, and discovers more than he bargained for.

When I started this story, Esmie was not this interesting. She had begun simply as a conventional hobbit, if one highly placed in society, who was doing what she thought best to make Frodo conform to social standards of propriety as well as reduce antagonism between Frodo and Sara. When I wrote this chapter, it fought my initial attempts to keep that narrative in place, and presented me with a more sophisticated version of her actions.

She is a Took, and not one to give up easily. Then again, neither is Bilbo.

In a bit of story housekeeping, I performed some minor text edits to Ch. 3 – Mayor, Master, Thain, to clarify a bit of obscure Took political in-fighting, and I have posted a chapter showing the chronology of the Mayors for just over a century of Shire history. Aside from Will Whitfoot, it is all made up.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 7 – Fortune”

  1. At the start, Bilbo was in a lot of pain — he doesn’t want to lose Frodo, but he doesn’t want to hurt him either. Esmie’s crafty manipulations. Bilbo and Frodo did do a rucks on the butterfly hunt. Frodo’s care with the quilts, putting them so carefully in the trunk was sweet. Part of it is like Bilbo’s children’s song at the feast — he doesn’t want the painful situation, he wants Frodo to have joy not fear and pain. Bilbo would like to make it all better, but he’s constrained and trying to do the best he can. Esmie’s plan to steal the joint birthday is cruel & more pain to Bilbo because it would be another promise broken.

    Then he realizes her plan (& hypocrisy) he gets his confidence back, though her taunts about his age are sharp. I didn’t realize Esmie had taken over the plot that way. Logical if she’s somewhat dwarf-hearted. Ambitious people often have dark secrets, & this is. Much rumors about Bilbo’s treasure, and then Frodo has a lot to make him attractive on his own.

    The list of mayors is interesting. For some reason I thought Bilbo’s father having been mayor (or another near relative) was canon. Guess it seemed to fit.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Bilbo is always driven by his innate kindness and his profound sympathy for others, even others who are doing stupid things, like Thorin after the dragon’s death. He can be a right bastard when he must be, but almost always for the sake of something better, or to protect someone who is being hurt.

    Esmie dominates this part of the story, but cedes a little ground in the next chapter. She wants things and she’ll do almost anything to get them. She was the prototype for Maiaberiel, though the latter ends up being a far more ambitious and dangerous character. The trouble with a scheming character is at some point they run out of plans to pursue and then they can turn into caricatures of themselves.

    I think you got that idea of Bungo as Mayor from me, actually. I’ve invented a lot of Shire history. Heh.


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