With the new year, I have begun republishing my fanfic, starting with my first novel, Legacy.

This was written as a reaction to the gag-awful fanfic I had been reading as I developed the original HASA site, with its pretentions of judging quality. I was also pissed off that my 10th Walker story had been dismissed as a Mary Sue, which it was not, when a more prominent writer’s crude self-insertion was getting a pass. Overall, I had gotten over my original “Oh, wow, cool!” reaction to finding JRRT fanfic, and was getting terminally bored by the standard tropes, narrative laziness, and bad soft-core porn writing, usually involving “gay” elves. The saccharine treatment of hobbits also left me rolling my eyes.

I took as my challenge pretty much everything that everyone else was fucking up in a major way, and I made it work. It gave me the practice I needed to take on the much more challenging work of HotK. I’ve finally come back to it, after almost a decade, and done a few edits, so if you saved off a copy from HASA, there is some new stuff, but marginal, at the edges, more adding texture than changing the tale.

I intend to publish a chapter a week, working my way through my Shire Stories, for as long as I have stuff to post.


2 thoughts on “Legacy”

  1. This is fantastic news, thanks so much! I tend to wait and then binge when there’s a substantive quantity so I doubt I’ll be leaving a bunch of comments, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Legacy and On Merry Yule is probably the most thought-provoking fanfiction I’ve ever read in some 15 years of prowling the internet. The introspection on farming community and sexuality is something I’ve never really seen elsewhere, and you really sink your metaphorical teeth into it. The warm and happy Shire has bite, where you least expect it.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Glad to give you something good for the new year. 🙂

    Since you’ve read these two stories before, you know the basic plot and major story events. Those haven’t changed. Keep an eye peeled for some smaller edits around the edges that set up the next two works, Lithe and Century, which continue the story. There’s also a few continuity gaps that I’m quietly fixing.

    The modern view of rural life and traditional society tends to be overly nostalgic and soft-focus. There’s a reason people flock to urban (and urbane) centers when the opportunity arises. The question that people do not ask nearly enough is – Warm and happy for whom? The “populist” backlash in much of the world today has a lot to do with people resenting the loss of a social order tipped in their favor.

    I’m also dusting off my critical essay, Writing a Green Sun. It has not worn well over the years, but I do have some good observations on how traditional societies function with regard to (for lack of a better term) dissidents. Mores are not ethics.

    Thank you for your comment and happy reading,


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