I’m Writing as Fast as I Can

Just a quick update on what is happening at Casa Anglachel.

I’ve been super busy at  work with two new staff members to train, which has been fun (because they are wonderful) but exhausting (because I’ve been training during the day and doing my own work in the evenings). I’m going to be taking my first real vacation in ten years next week, leaving my little trainees on their own. The panic in their faces is adorable.

I’m also still working on my new story and am about half way through the first draft of it.

I do intend to  publish my older Shire Stories but I think I’m going to get through the first draft of the newest first before I start reposting my older ones. I actually have two new stories that only my beta readers have seen, one more or less complete, then other my current work that’s half done. I also have a, um, seventeen page genealogical chart for tracking my main characters. Yes, I am a nerd. And, before you ask, yes, my Shire Story chronology is cross referenced to my HotK events. Sigh.



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