Black Wing

Black Wing – Multiple POVs.

What if Denethor had not died on the pyre?

If I were to write a Denethor Lives AU, it would start like this.

A New Year’s present for my wonderful readers.



6 thoughts on “Black Wing”

  1. Stop it, you’re making me cry again. How am I supposed to compose thoughtful and fitting reviews if I can’t see the screen?

  2. Touch typing?

    This is the story line that leads to Denethor using that fancy bow of his on some Nazgûl. And giving his wayward king lessons on the proper use of a palantír.

    Thank you for all of your comments this last year. 🙂


  3. There may be a one-off chapter here or there, but I am leaving Gondor for a while and going back to the Shire for a long visit. I have a 17 page genealogical chart, a massive Excel workbook, an ever-growing OneNote, over 300 named characters, 3 finished stories and another in planning that all need to see the light of day.

    A big part of this is just figuring out how to keep the characters correctly identified.



  4. o.O Massive project! But yeah, looking forward to reading a non-saccharine, well-written story about hobbits. (If you still need help proofing, let me know… does this blog reveal my direct email to you as admin?)

  5. Yes, I can see your email.

    My hobbits are anything but saccharine, though they can be quite sweet. When they are not taking down dragons and Dark Lords, that is.


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