Ch. 85 – Demon

Demon – Denethor POV – 2 of 2

In which Denethor understands what is left for him to do.


Some promises should never be made.

Twelve days in November 2988 as Denethor and Finduilas’ life together comes to an end.

Thank you for reading Hands of the King.



4 thoughts on “Ch. 85 – Demon”

  1. This last chapter is dragging my eyes toward it as I look in my laptop-palantir… can’t…resist…noooooooo…..

  2. Well done. Even though we knew what would come, many more repercussions. I remember most of this, *sniff^ It’s a good thing Brandir was there when he was needed and Adrahil didn’t arrive until Denethor was in the ‘doesn’t matter’ fog. Yes, all was an abomination, and the house must be cleared.

    /Once I drained you; let me fill you/ >> stark symmetry, and a good explanation for why he could successfully resist Sauron’s power in the stone. Lots of short, powerful scenes that tie up ends and foreshadow their future. I’m glad Faramir found Telperion and she’s there to guard their dreams.

    Thanks for writing this story.

  3. ‘And it is said that in the great halls of Mandos where the weavings of Vairë hang depicting the World in all its fullness, there is a particular section devoted to the work of one mortal with the chosen name of Anglachel. Anglachel, who was acclaimed scholar, poet, and prophet, wove stories that bring both tears and joy to the inhabitants of the House of Waiting, and many a soul finds a measure of peace after gazing upon them.’

  4. This comment is about the entire work, not just this last chapter.

    Except for the, I’m my humble opinion, excessive detail in the love scenes, your story rings true. I will have difficulty in keeping separate from Canon. Very well done, thank you very much. I did note a few departures from Canon, the chief of which is that after meeting Arwen for the first time Aragon never loved another woman. Given how central this is to your story and because of the story’s excellence I’ll give you that one. The idea that Sauron would have been unaware that Elrond was still present at this time is silly.
    Presenting a view of Gandalf and the Valar as arrogant meddling busy bodies rather than benevolent do goodies is great. The idea that Findulis, Muriel and Arwen were near twins is brilliant as is the source of the sapling of the White Tree found by Aragorn. I am curious who you think Laganna is. Ulmo’s appearance as an ancient mariner was fun. In general I loved it. The battle scene was stirring and the tragedies brought tears to my eyes. I hope for more from you. Have you written anything that is “wholly” your own?

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