Ch. 84 – Fall

Fall – Denethor POV – 1 of 2

In which the year and fate both turn into the fall.


Finduilas gives Denethor a last gift – her time.


3 thoughts on “Ch. 84 – Fall”

  1. *sigh*

    “It shall be left to the last, for when we begin, the Enemy will know we expect to do battle on this side of the river.” — OK, thanks for that well-thought-out and even poetic reason for leaving the wall unrepaired until just before the war.

    So many threads, thick and thin, woven into this story that appear later! Kids really do show their personality early. I can see the seeds of future head-butting based on love but strained by circumstances.

    (There was another line, I think in Vinitharya? A line of Denethor’s? — about not sparing anyone from harsh judgement in the coming struggle that of course brings to mind Faramir.)

  2. Finduilas was right to send the boys & all away. Too many people wanting her attention would have taken her strength faster, best for both her and Denethor that they had these few weeks, I had forgotten about that, and it made me smile, though I can understand why Aiavale &c were angry: it was F’s right to choose D as most important. And probably easier to pretend all was well with things quieter.

    When they talk about the mark on her heart, that was horrible, and why the mariner was so sad. But, those years ago, it was driving Denethor mad that he couldn’t See her, and it would have been very bad (remembering earlier discussions) with Adrahil if he couldn’t See his daughter, even if he could See his son-in-law. Lots a bad repercussions. What Finduilas said to Laanga, how the powers make so much more difficult for mortals who become aware of them.

  3. Hi Wheelrider,

    It didn’t make sense to me that the Rammas would remain unrepaired for so long, so why would it have been left? It’s not only Sauron who would realize that battle was expected on the west bank of Anduin. Even so, it would have been a multi-year effort, given the length of it. The easternmost walls would have been done first, then the south and finally the north.

    It always grated on me that Gandalf is telling Faramir that Denethor will love in in the end. Hello? You old fart, you aren’t around them and the few times you are, you’re always trying to suborn the kid. What struck me in Faramir and Denethor’s relationship is that Faramir deliberately disobeys his father, but he never lies to Denethor about what he has done. Denethor gets pissed off at the disobedience, but he also knows that Faramir won’t deceive him, quite unlike his own interactions with Ecthelion.


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