Ch. 76 – Expectations

Expectations – Finduilas POV – 4 of 4

In which nothing goes quite as people expect it to.


Borondir. Heh.

This chapter covers a lot of time, from January through early July 2983. From here on out, most chapters will cover many months of events and will skip over a lot of small things.

It also marks a winding down of Finduilas’ perspective in the story. She has only three more chapters.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 76 – Expectations”

  1. But…but…wait a minute. There must be some mistake. Doesn’t Faramir get to go on a long trip to Dol Amroth with the family? Won’t we get to see cute letters written (and family relationships repaired)? And Beregar and Aeluin’s new one play with him and his brother teach him how to pick flowers for Finduilas and and and… there must be more chapters. Maybe you forgot about them. Have you looked carefully at your hard drive?

    I know, logically, that the story is coming to its (brick wall of a) conclusion, but I long for it to go on and on and never quite make it to the end. An asymptote of a story.

    Great ending line, by the way — a play on the new little character’s name.

    I was beginning to wonder what Ivriniel was up to…

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    I keep looking at the hard drive, the thumb drive and the cloud storage – no new chapters have materialized.

    There will be some time with Faramir, but not much. HotK isn’t an AU. I do have some AUs of this story arc, but none of them end up happily ever after.

    The next chapter picks up with Denethor’s POV right as Finduilas says the ending line, and then he gets to encounter the newest addition to the family. I plan to post that sometime tomorrow.

    Thanks for commenting!


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