Ch. 75 – Get

Get – Finduilas POV – 3 of 4

In which the Warden gets testy, the Monster gets her way, the Quartermaster gets an ultimatum, the Prince gets a new grandchild, and the Steward gets what he wants.


And all of the children running around. I think I need to put together another appendix chapter and list out who all has been born, and to whom, in the Steward’s line. It’s a lot.

The undercurrent in this chapter is how much Denethor is clueless about how to handle internal family relations. He has the answer to everything, it is all rational and good from his perspective, so why shouldn’t people just do as they are told?


Ecthelion continues his own sojourn through the hearts of those he has wronged, trying to make amends. I think he will succeed more than fail, though it’s uncertain if he will be able to make any headway with Denethor.

Brandir is right. I like Violet.



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