Ch. 74 – Watch

Watch – Finduilas POV – 2 of 4

In which we watch a Steward be sly, a spy be recruited, a captain be disappointed, a Warden be forward, a Hound be healed, a danger be seen, a wish be voiced, a watcher be warned, a hot-head be stupid, and a tragedy unfold.


Finduilas is trying to keep an eye on everything, especially Denethor, but things are starting to multiply.

Sad to say, there isn’t a lot of happy left in this story. Faramir will be born and that’s about it. On a good note, Ecthelion has finally figured out what is most important to him, and it’s no longer pissing off Denethor. That’s a kind of happy thing.

Rohirric politics pokes its nose into the tale in a couple of ways and will continue to do so for a while.

To say more would be a spoiler.



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