Ch. 71 – Havens

Havens – Denethor POV – 3 of 4

In which Denethor and others look for places for their minds, hearts and bodies to be at peace.


Mr. Snarly continues to be happy, but I think he knows it is not anything he can count on.

On the other hand, Boromir is having a grand old time, especially when he gets reacquainted with “Grandpa Prince” in Dol Amroth. Adrahil and Luinil are going to be part of Boromir’s (and, later, Faramir’s) life for a long time, as will Imrahil.

As with the last chapter, this is mostly small vignettes where we get to look into Denethor’s ordinary thoughts and daily interactions while I merrily info-dump away. Even Halmir gets to be almost not morose.

Real Life project allowing, I’m going to do my best to post a new chapter every few days. There are 14 left and I want HotK completely posted by the end of the year.


8 thoughts on “Ch. 71 – Havens”

  1. I am having very irreverent thoughts about Ulmo periodically showing up and dumping glitter all over Denethor and Finduilas.

  2. HA! I’d love to see that. Finduilas would be laughing while Denethor would be quite irritated. Ulmo would smile beneficently throughout – then start playing his dratted flute.


  3. I am quoting this back at you, because it made me LOL —

    … ‘Once, Aiavalë struck me and cursed me…’

    ‘Only once?’

    ‘The reason for this particular time,’ he continued, giving Finduilas a dour look which only made her smirk more, …

    — they sound so married and happy. Happy is a good thing.

  4. Heh, she does know the siblings.

    One of the things that the story does is present the normalcy of their marriage. Yes, they are best by fate and thrown into deeds and events they can barely handle, but there is also the day to day interactions of a long married pair. The sojourn chapters have a lot of this, starting with Denethor thinking that watching Finduilas get dressed is an enjoyable amusement which she allows with no self-consciousness that he’s seeing her half naked and her hair all a mess.

    I keep thinking that Denethor often remembers this time and loses himself in the good memories when things are otherwise too dark.


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