Ch. 67 – Used

Used – Denethor POV – 1 of 1

In which Denethor considers how to make use of surveys, purges, weddings, soldiers, spies, mercenaries, kin, and, most of all, peace.


He’d prefer not to think of all the beings making use of him and Finduilas. He really does not want to think about who may be making use of a certain sister.

This chapter covers a lot of ground. We catch up with Denethor a few months after Finduilas’ adventure in Ithilien, as he finishes cleaning out the King’s Men from the positions Maiaberiel doled out. It then breaks and we rejoin our protagonist in early winter of the following year, escorting honored guests around the City.

There’s a lot more to be covered as regards Rohan, so I took the opportunity to bring Gríma to Mundburg. He’s one of the few people who can match wits with Mr. Snarly. No wonder he dominates Rohan later on. Denethor decides it would be good to teach him and Théoden a few things about power politics.

This is a deceptively calm chapter with a lot of detail that will become important later on.


4 thoughts on “Ch. 67 – Used”

  1. I have learned to pay close attention to these chapters in which “nothing much happens,” because there will be all kinds of juicy tidbits that get important later. The beginning reminded me of some kids’ book about junior detectives finding a secret room in a mansion by hanging a piece of fabric out of every window they can find. (I am not surprised the Garden doesn’t appear…)

    “He really does not want to think about who may be making use of a certain sister.” Yeah… that has been weighing on my mind. If she wasn’t already an outright pawn of Sauron, she may well have turned into one.

    Poor Fool. As usual, he seems to be holding his own, but on the other hand I can’t quite figure how his scheme to “thwart” Denethor won’t backfire on him. Still — “Denethor considered that it might be best to stop and return to the house, leaving the rest unsaid.” Amazing growth there, Mr. Snarly, and that has to be credited at least partially to your Fool.

    I loved Finduilas talking to Morwen, and embarrassing her husband. Ha! Can’t wait to find out what else they have to discuss. But then this line — “Would you send your own son off, never to see him again?”

    Dude, I don’t think you’re removing any mark… but he wouldn’t listen anyway. I do hope Finduilas gets to find the Tree again and grab a fruit this time. Was wondering how she could possibly do that without going back to Ithilien, because that’s clearly too dangerous.

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    I can see Denethor being a detective – jaded, cynical, ready for action, way too smart for his own good.

    Actually, the sister I was referring to with that sentence is Morwen, but it’s also true about Beruthiel. Just how far will she go to get her revenge? Ally with Sauron? Perhaps not that far. Ally with Umbar? Quite possibly. Certainly a number of her adherents have close ties.

    Brandir is not going to spare Denethor anything at this point. The scheme to thwart Denethor won’t so much backfire as send things in different courses than they otherwise would have. Denethor isn’t angry with Brandir over this, so no personal repercussions. The odd part about these two is that, even after all the shit that has happened, even with Maiaberiel in middle of everything, they trust each other and don’t hesitate to rely on each other. Brandir may be the one person Denethor will always forgive.

    Morwen and Finduilas are having far too good a time tormenting Denethor. They’ll continue to talk about business and other things. Then Finduilas makes him look at how he used Magor. You can bet he will remember this conversation when Boromir heads off into the north a few decades later.

    No, Mr. Snarly won’t listen. Ever. Then again, he’s working with incomplete knowledge. As for Finduilas returning to Ithilien, Denethor is not the only member of the family who does inadvisable things, and we know from Halmir’s account that when she gives certain commands, the people around her cannot refuse to obey.

    Don’t worry. It will get worse before it gets worse. Heh.


  3. Oh yes, Denethor would make a great film noir gumshoe. (My husband and I have been watching a lot of ’30s-’40s noir films, and even listening to old radio programs in bed at night.)

  4. A very world-weary anti-hero with a talent for research and a razor sharp intellect.

    Plus he’s sexy as all hell…

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