Ch. 66 – Speculation

Speculation – Finduilas POV – 2 of 2

In which Finduilas is really fed up with people looking at her.


Now that the initial shock of being spied upon (and almost seized) by Sauron has worn off, Finduilas is out for answers. And to take advantage of the situation, like any self-respecting ruler would.

Finduilas speculates on what will become of her, Denethor and those she loves. She will be thinking more explicitly about the fact that she is a ringer for some Elf chick and also seems to be a stand-in for a doomed queen, and how that plays out as being one of the losers in the drama of Arda. It also is a play on “speculum” and the invasion of her mental and physical integrity by various others – Sauron, Denethor, the mariner, Mithrandir, Boromir, and Thorongil, to name the most obvious. There limits to how much control she has over the use they make of her mind and body.

I want to look at the profound suffering these people are going through and examine the role the gods are playing in structuring a world such that mortals are put through agony for no reason save that’s what Eru wants. The cost of the happy ending must be understood. There’s also a contrarian philosophy running through here – defended by Ulmo – which values those who resist the conventional unfolding. He admires and values Denethor’s stubbornness, and offers the only tool that can relieve the horrible weight of fate – forgiveness. To forgive is to undo what has been done, and bring other possibilities into being. It is an odd kind of acceptance, as well, one that is not passive, buts acts on the world. He who forgives wills the world to be as it is. Why, yes, it does partake of Nietzsche’s Eternal Return. And of Christ’s turning the other cheek. It is revolutionary stuff.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 66 – Speculation”

  1. So was it Sauron, or one of the Nazgûl? And was that really a scion of Nimloth or a vision that yielded corporeal leaves… sort of a time-warp? (I hope she can snatch a fruit in the future…)

    The more details about this heart thing, the more I get pissed off at the mariner.

    At least Finduilas gets this one dream of successful escape.

    “With deepest apologies, my darkest of Dark Lords, I shall have to cancel our council.” Ha!

    As he becomes more mobile, the issue of Boromir’s safety has become a constant low-level fear in the story (as though it needed any more) even with his prime threat removed for now.

    I’ve often thought that Denethor had it way harder than Aragorn, doing his bit up north in hedges and ditches. The Steward was under the spotlight. Now Finduilas agrees, and realizes she’s sharing that spotlight.

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    Sauron wouldn’t have emerged himself, so I think he sent the Witch-king on one of the flying beasties. It really is a scion of Nimloth, though I’m not sure how it got there. There’s something about places that are like other places where Míriel once went.

    The heart thing is one of the reasons her waking dreams can have such powerful effects, so it’s equivocal about what the mariner did. He’s been in those places, too. Think about the dreams where you see or hear an old man playing a flute. The dreams of escape are kind of like Finduilas’ “AU” of Akallabêth – what if Míriel *hadn’t* bit it? There will be some more of that.

    Heh, I can so see her writing that… So sorry, can’t storm Angband today, I’ll have my people call your people, ciao, babe!

    Boromir is the definition of mobile. Just think of the man he grows up to be! He got all of Dad’s athleticism in spades and wants to use it NOW. He’s going to start getting quite verbal, too, pretty quick, and become more of a character rather than a plot device.

    The North was no walk in the park, with Orcs and Trolls and Wargs (oh my!) ravaging about, but for pure malevolence, nothing beats having Sauron sitting on your doorstep, giving you the Eye (with or without Sean Bean’s hand gestures) 24/7.


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