Ch. 57 – Confessions

Confessions – Finduilas POV – 1 of 1

In which Finduilas confesses her deepest secret and extracts the same from those around her.


Here is the scene that you all have been waiting for, even if you didn’t know it.

No, Finduilas is not enjoying motherhood. Can we say post-partum depression? Perhaps not severe, but clearly there. In the absence of anti-depressants, all she can do is bear up until the chemicals correct themselves. Throwing herself into work is probably good because it is stimulating her brain in other ways, but it is terrible on her physical health. Laanga getting high-and-mighty was not what she needed, however. I’m sorry she didn’t go to Lhûn instead, who would have been able to give her some more practical advice.

Mr. Snarly isn’t helping, but more because he is still reeling from his own attack and is scared shitless by everything changing around him so quickly. He wants to protect her and Boromir and nothing he can make things better. So, he retreats.

Oddly, Ecthelion may be the best person (short of Thorongil or her mother) for her to visit with. Brandir was right that a baby would help mend the rift in the house.



4 thoughts on “Ch. 57 – Confessions”

  1. Laanga is showing his Istari-ness in his curt answer here… yes, Lhûn would have been better.

    The “scene you all have been waiting for” could really be either Thorongil’s or Ecthelion’s confession, both pretty amazing. Though the edge does go to Thorongil’s just for Finduilas’ responses. The interstitial tale of Ecthelion’s children is nicely done… and sad.

    I can see where Finduilas’ (and Halmir’s) good advice is going to lead to bad things…

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    Gah, suffering from the mother of all head colds at the moment.

    I’m still not sure why Finduilas didn’t go to Lhûn in the first place. I think she just wants things to *stop* and so a draught or drug that would make it all better is all she could think of. Lhûn would have listened with sympathy and offered advice, not a lecture, though she would also have forbidden Finduilas any medicine. I think Lhûn also reminds her that she’s sick, which she doesn’t want to talk about.

    It’s a bit of an inversion of the usual “Denethor hates Faramir because he killed Finduilas” trope. In this, Finduilas resents the living hell out of her child because he has ruined almost everything she most loves – being physically active, engaging in politics, having sex with Denethor. Boromir doesn’t respond to her very strongly (she’s just another face) so she isn’t getting many rewards from him.

    She is upset by this reaction, because she thinks she should be as madly in love with Boromir as everyone else is. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about baby bonding and it is almost entirely a chemical reaction. That’s why men can go ga-ga over babies, too – a part of their brain gets saturated with hormones that makes them feel all buzzed and lovey when they are near a new born. Finduilas *does* feel this near Aeluin’s daughter and I think she will feel more this way with Faramir. But when Boromir begins to walk and talk, she’ll have a better reaction to him.

    Ecthelion’s confession is more profound than Thorongil’s; both are owning up to mistakes in love (and lust), but Ecthelion’s care is more for the children, while Captain Skulking Eagle is still too much “Oh, woe is me, no Hot Elf Chick!” Ecthelion’s story is sad. The confession that he loves even Denethor is important, I think, because it exposes how little Denethor understands of his father’s feelings. Ecthelion’s feelings about his son are as complicated as Denethor’s will be towards Faramir, perhaps more so. He is proud of Denethor’s greatness and jealous of it at the same time. His attention to Thorongil is as much to get back at Denethor as to support the mysterious captain, but Ecthelion only gets into these fights because Denethor’s good opinion matters to him.

    This will figure strongly in an upcoming chapter.


  3. Sorry you now have the cold — it seems to be sweeping around the world!

    Yeah, Capt. Skulking Eagle is still being pretty self-centered here… not sure he ever really gets over that.

  4. As Bilbo would say, “Thag you very buch,” for your well-wishes.

    Nope, he really doesn’t get over it, but the HotK Aragorn is substantially more humble than the LotR one. Even so, even when he’s trying to be apologetic, it’s still more about him and his needs than the person he’s talking to.

    Another trait he shares with Mr. Snarly.


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