Ch. 56 – Patrimony

Patrimony – Denethor POV – 1 of 1

In which Denethor is confronted by most of his kin and cannot find forgiveness.


The rest of the clan wanted to get in on the fun, and the alleged bastard half-brother also decides to make Denethor’s life difficult. At least Thorongil isn’t trying to kill him.

There’s just no being happy for Mr. Snarly. It’s too bad he’s in such a funk or he might have been able to react to the captain more positively. However, sending Thorongil to The Honey Mead was pure genius.

And poor Brandir.

Maiaberiel, on the other hand, had it coming.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 56 – Patrimony”

  1. ‘It is the small who do the greatest things.’ This story has so many great oblique references to canon like this. (I could never list them all.)

    I’ve been suspecting for many chapters who Beregar is — or rather, whose parent he is… Love that he gets to use a version of that all-time badass put-down of Tolkien’s, “I will do as seems good to me.”

    “What he most wanted to do was fill his pack, pull on his gear, and go to Ithilien to kill something. Perhaps something would return the favor…” Great lines, and how typical a macho-male response. (Although I’ve wished I could do the same on occasion…)

    I love that Aiavalë is getting to travel and be more confident. It’s wonderful to see.

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    I have so much fun putting canon references into my stories.

    Beregar and Brandir are a pair of great characters.

    Sigh. Denethor – when in doubt, chop it up. He really is feeling lower than a snake’s belly, as he should.

    Aiavalë started the story as such a bitter, hostile person, and then she really transformed into something greater. She’s one of the few members of her family who gets better over time instead of worse.

    Thanks for reading!


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