Ch. 55 – Compromised

Compromised – Finduilas POV – 1 of 1

In which Finduilas shows herself to be a more ruthless prince than her husband.


The girl is not enraptured with motherhood.

Another treacly fandom trope surrounding this character is that she was an adoring, protective mother of her sons, and that Boromir and Faramir lost their emotional anchor when she died too young.


Poor Morvorin. In the unwritten back story, the guy had a crush on her, but she married Denethor, then he tried to catch Ivriniel’s eye, but got passed over for Angbor, and now he’s falling for another girl – but she seems to be involved with the Quartermaster.

Halmir gets to be a right bastard to his own wayward lord – the south *has* a ruler, who *has* a wife & heir, unlike yourself. Your mother is left alone in the north. You have no father, and pretending to be the Steward’s (bastard) son won’t fly. Papa is not near here. Get home. But Halmir is not going home without his king, and Thorongil is not about to leave. Thorongil’s first view of Boromir is the same as the last, so many years later.

And once again, we get to see Ecthelion and Denethor put the “fun” in dysfunctional family. Those guys…


4 thoughts on “Ch. 55 – Compromised”

  1. This (and the next chapters) is simply a realistic portrayal of motherhood, even without any postpartum depression (at least not the kind that makes it impossible to get out of bed). “You were much nicer when you were inside” has surely been thought by every new mother. Along with “it”. No treacle here!

    Heh, whoah, and what a swing back from simple happiness to business as usual. But necessary business. Here is that instance of Denethor being corrected on who is the protector you warned about…

    I’m kind of surprised that Ecthelion could be swayed merely by his grandson, but I guess he’s not as thoroughly evil as his one daughter, just jaded and willfully misled. Can’t help but wonder if he’s sincere, though.

    Emerging from cold-induced stupidity and getting caught up on comments. Been reading and enjoying all along, however. Although this is maybe not the best reading material for times of sickness…I’m grateful there hasn’t been much graphic description of hacking up chunks. I’ve been afraid, late at night, to look at my own and find them black. 😀

  2. My commiseration on hacking up chunks. Been there, done that. I suffered from something very similar to Finduilas’ lung ailment (bronchial pulmonary sequestration) (do not read about it whilst ill) which nearly killed me. I did my Ph.D. qualifying oral exams with an IV shunt sunk in my chest and coughing up blood and clots of phlegm into a handkerchief. I am very familiar with a wide variety of disgusting bits produced by my lungs. To this day, I sound like I have low-level asthma because of the damage left behind.

    Snicker. Yeah, Finduilas is not going to win any Mother of the Year awards, not that she’s doing anything wrong. In a way, it’s good she didn’t get her daughter because she has a reason for why she’s so blue and disengaged – I want a girl – and to have had this reaction to a daughter would have been much more psychologically destructive.

    Damsel in distress tropes also irritate me, especially when dealing with women who are smart, politically astute and socially well-placed. She knows and is ready to act on a perfect opportunity to deflect the murderous plots that have stalked Denethor’s life since, well, they met. Sometimes you can’t just “nice” people into behaving. You have to threaten them, and they need to believe you are going to deliver.

    Ecthelion is lonely, afraid, despairing and deeply guilty for the harm he has done his children. That much is real. His sincerity fluctuates. He also knows that one way to get back at Denethor is to be around Boromir. This is one big oedipal sewer. Ecthelion, unlike Maiaberiel, is not corrupted beyond redemption, though it’s unclear he can earn that redemption before he dies.

    I will have another chapter to post tonight, and a final one tomorrow, life allowing. Then there will be a slow release of the next set of chapters to allow them to sink in.


  3. Uh oh… “slow release of the next set of chapters to allow them to sink in” sounds rather ominous. But then again you could say just about anything regarding upcoming chapters and it would seem ominous.

    The loneliness of rule… I’ve been wondering about poor Ecthelion with all these parties he hasn’t been invited to thus far.

    This doesn’t really compare to your situation, but I had chronic sinus infections and bronchitis (with a couple bouts of pneumonia as the cherry on top) through high school and college, so have been really sympathizing with your Finduilas — having to stop and cough during any exertion, trying to find the best air, etc. etc. etc. Congrats on being able to get your doctorate through all that — poor health was a big part of why I didn’t choose the grad school path.

  4. You would not want to binge read the next 8 chapters, especially the first four. You’re warned.

    Ecthelion is terribly lonely. Even so, there are a few things left for which he must atone.

    I never got the doctorate, just the master’s, but I wasn’t going to leave before I passed the exams. A week after the orals, I was in the hospital getting a big chunk of my right lung chopped out. As my surgeon cheerfully told me, a chance to cut is a chance to cure… Life was much better after grad school.


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