Ch. 54 – Union

Union – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor ponders unions – marital, political and genealogical.


And Mr. Snarly gets to be simply, utterly, completely happy.

As much as this chapter is about uniting, it is also about divisions and factions. Faction is much on Denethor’s mind and in his dreams. There’s a lot of family faffing about in this chapter.

The exchange between Denethor and Thorongil is a rather complicated political theory debate on the proper place of faction in the life of a healthy polity. Most political scientists have a difficult time wrapping their brains around it, so I don’t ding the captain too much for not getting the point Denethor makes. Then, it just went off in a weird little direction of its own.

Denethor has to take care of the divisions within his own house. He’s having a hard time understanding his own lesson about finding the right thing to love, so there’s a brief scene of him “talking” to his child as he tries to figure out what he should do. Then, he goes to the archive and talks to Wren. He knows he can’t just say “If the old hag shows up, I won’t make a scene.” Not for Denethor the easy way out. He understands that he has to make some very big gesture to show that he is contrite.

Wren, being a true daughter of that house, ups the ante.

We also get to meet the woman at the center of the discord. She’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 54 – Union”

  1. Hooray! Happy birthday, Denethor.

    Pretty hilarious that anyone thought he could be kept still and away from his wife with just a couple of friends and some alcohol.

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