Ch. 52 – Hope

Hope – Denethor POV – 3 of 3

In which Denethor feels joy, remembers a summer night, is scolded by a fool, watches a fight, hits his targets, hears an oath, confounds a wizard, and reaches for hope.


Denethor is seriously happy and kind of mellow. It’s a new condition for him.

There’s a lot of emotional transformation going on in this chapter, only some of which Denethor is really aware of. There are a lot of people who feel emboldened to hope for something in the future. Thorongil is very happy for the Warden and the Lady, but it must be challenging his own hopes. Halmir, too.

Then a certain dratted conjuror shows up and starts messing with people again. Or, as Halmir would say, as usual.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 52 – Hope”

  1. Kinda funny but not surprising that Mr. Snarly does not get along with Éomund. Heh.

    A beautiful mindfuck at the end.

    Thanks for making these last chapters appear at just the right moments in my recent travels to forestall boredom. Though I’m kind of glad they weren’t too terrible… I was in Las Vegas, which tends to engender despair as it is.

  2. Keep an eye on the Blonde Beast. He keeps turning up.

    A beautiful mindfuck that will (kind of) come true, at least cradling his beloved child will happen. Yeah, Mithrandir is fucking with him, but it isn’t such a bad thing to be holding.

    Heh. The Spousal Unit was in Vegas this last week, too. He was wishing for some ruby slippers by Friday, nicely provided by an earlier-than-hoped-for flight out.

    The next too chapters shouldn’t be too bad, either, though Mr. Snarly has a few whap-up-side-the-head moments. The second one ends on a completely happy note.

    Thanks for reading!


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