Ch. 51 – Conquest

Conquest – Finduilas POV – 3 of 3

In which the plague comes to Minas Tirith and Denethor gets another lesson on why only the truth will serve him well where Finduilas is concerned.


Finduilas completes her campaign to rule the City, though Denethor is not particularly pleased at how she does it. Mr. Snarly is always such a party-pooper.


2 thoughts on “Ch. 51 – Conquest”

  1. Wow, what an opening line. A scary chapter but I’m glad nothing too terrible came of it. Except Mr. Snarly getting busted and reacting in character.

    These are probably the shortest and creepiest bits of Sauron/Mairon/Annatar I’ve come across.

    I was wondering about the poor black birds of the City…

    I understand why Finduilas takes a dig at Beruthiel, but it rings a warning bell… Beruthiel is probably past redemption but I kind of hoped she might not be, and I don’t like to see Finduilas stooping to her level. I wonder what would have happened had she been merely polite but firm with Maiaberiel.

  2. Hi Wheelrider,

    Yeah. Poor Sador. When I wrote this, I was working in a hospital that did national and international emergency response and it was the first outbreak of SAARs, so I had a lot of material to work with. I learned more about proper hand-washing technique than I ever wanted to know. And disease vectors, and morbidity/mortality projections, and loads of CDC stuff. My younger brother is an epidemiologist, so I get to hear about all the latest crap that will kill me. I long ago stopped going out to dinner with him. Too gross.

    Sigh. Snarly is *such* a bastard. One thing that is hard to do in this story is to keep reminding people that Denethor does not have all his oars in the water, that he is capable of cruelty and violence at the drop of a hat, and that he is capable of lashing out brutally at *anyone* – even the people he most loves. I don’t want him to be this person, and it makes me cringe to write him when he gets like this.

    “These are probably the shortest and creepiest bits of Sauron/Mairon/Annatar I’ve come across.” Then I have succeeded. And, yes, there is probably worse to come, depending on your squick.

    Bald-bottomed black chickens racing about madly….

    As far as Finduilas is concerned, Maiaberiel is trying to murder Denethor. Or fuck him. In either case, she’s got no patience with that crap and she’s going to be aggressive about it. She’s not just rubbing it in that she’s pregnant; Finduilas is also warning Beruthiel that the lies about Denethor and her own infatuation with Thorongil will be met with fire. There was a time when Maiaberiel could have been if not precisely redeemed then at least turned into less destructive paths.


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