Ch. 47 – Enough

Enough – Denethor POV – 2 of 3

In which Denethor contemplates what will be enough to secure Gondor from her enemies and for a king.


Yup, another chapter posted. Denethor is, once again, almost happy.

Denethor can’t resist trying to push Thorongil’s buttons, the jerk, but his heart really is softening towards the hidden king.

Thorongil tries to argue pity and ethics with the Steward and gets brought up short when the High Warden throws ice water on all the high-minded chatter. Then, someone says the unspeakable.

This will not end well.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 47 – Enough”

  1. I love the bits such as “Denethor tried to be completely glad that there would be two guests in the house” — watching him try to reign in the surliness for his wife’s sake is one of those almost-cute things. And this — “Denethor could not find it in his heart to be irritated by this, though he imagined he would locate it ere the journey ended.” Ha!

    So the only thing I’ve missed in this series of Denethor POV chapters is some introspection concerning events in the previous Finduilas chapters. I appreciate that you don’t waste time rehashing things with every POV switch, but I do like to see how the other views certain key events. But then again, there’s a lot of other things going on, no need to revisit everything.

    Finduilas asking Denethor about his southern relations kind of clears up one point I was confused on, but just to check…. Marach and Ragnor are of the same generation as Denethor, but are known as “uncles” because they are much older?

  2. Heh. I like it when Mr. Snarly has to behave himself. Yes, he has a finite amount of patience with Brandir. Someday, he will find out how much patience Brandir has with him.

    I try not to rehash too much. The events will come back in different ways as the story spins out. For a lot of the events, particularly where the mariner is involved, Denethor would prefer not to spend too much time thinking on it.

    Marach and Ragnor are significantly older than Denethor – about 30 years older – and are the eldest children of Morwen’s mother. Morwen is about 10 years older than Denethor, about the same age as Maiaberiel. Marach and Ragnor’s sons are close in age to Denethor.


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