Ch. 45 – Station

Station – Finduilas POV – 2 of 2

In which Finduilas reflects on where people belong and why, particularly Denethor and Thorongil, and how fate shapes their station.


The mariner is really starting to piss me off.

We get to check in on the state of Thorongil’s political education and give him an “A” for effort but a “C+” for execution. He is someone who cannot inhabit his correct station, and chaos threatens as a result. It doesn’t help that Denethor is such a prick about it.

The borrowing of the clothes is highly symbolic for Thorongil. The boy is beginning to understand just how dangerous he is to Denethor and the ways in which his presence destabilizes Gondor. When he sat out on the border and was just a garrison leader, he could avoid the conflicts of the capital, but there is no way to avoid this now. The other part of this is, in their mutual love of Finduilas, they have become closer to each other. Where Thorongil once regarded Denethor with equal parts wariness and respect, he now simply loves the man, very much looking up to him as an elder brother. It hurts him to see Denethor threatened and dishonored by the Steward, and shames him that most of it has been done in ways that benefit him. Thus, he has promised not to “borrow clothes” – not to take for himself the trappings of state that properly belong to Denethor. His actions overall are the same, but subtly he has shifted his support from Ecthelion to Denethor, making clear to Denethor (if not to anyone else), that he will not undermine Denethor’s authority. There is also the aspect that Thorongil, like so many “little brothers”, is trying to establish his independence from Denethor, too, wanting an identity that is not always a reference to the other.

We also get to see Denethor and Finduilas share a little quality time. For at least one evening, he’s very happy. This is a sure sign that Bad Things Will Happen Soon. OTOH, conflict levels with the father-in-law are dramatically reduced, much to everyone’s relief.

Oh, and the dreams.



2 thoughts on “Ch. 45 – Station”

  1. Yeah, that mariner is a cheeky asshole…

    Thanks for this little respite — almost afraid to read the next chapter. Also thanks for a realistic portrayal of their sexual relationship. (Well, perhaps minus the visions and Valar and whatnot…) As you know, it is so rare.

    Denethor is almost… well, “cute” is hardly the right word, so let’s say “endearing” at times. (Don’t tell him I said so.)

  2. Oh, I think Denethor can be totally adorable when he wants to be, and as long as no one except Finduilas is watching.

    The next two chapters aren’t too bad. He gets to be happy for a little while longer.

    The mariner has a lot to answer for. Unlike the rest of the Powers, he has the decency to apologize. Doesn’t change what he does, but he is truly sorry.


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