Ch. 41 – Interregnum

Interregnum – Finduilas POV – 2 of 2

In which rule is uncertain and the dark legacy of the Kin-strife wakes from its slumber.


Finduilas continues to define who she is as Lady of the White Tower, and is confronted with trouble from people dear and despised. .

Just when it seemed like things were looking up, Beruthiel and Ecthelion revert to type, and the political stakes for Denethor have never been higher. Finduilas makes her first significant move as Lady of the White Tower.


4 thoughts on “Ch. 41 – Interregnum”

  1. I have been reading the chapters since Denethor and Finduilas’ marriage over and over, I’m having such a good time watching her take over Minas Tirith by inches! Hope, it seems, comes not on the wings of eagles (coughcough) but of swans.

  2. Hi Belovdpoet,

    Oh, and she has only just begun her conquest. She’ll rule good old Captain Skulking Eagle, too, before it is all done.

    Glad you are enjoying the read!


  3. I had thought that the moment when Finduilas noticed the lanyard around Denethor’s neck would be the last chapter, because of the title… but here it is.

    What a chapter. No gentle pause, this.

  4. No, there are 85 chapters to HotK, so we’re not even halfway through.

    The Stewards house really knows how to mess things up. Whenever you think things are going well, that’s a sure sign the bottom is going to drop out.


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